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EMS Circulation Pro

Banish Poor Circulation Today

The EMS Circulation Pro uses Electro Muscle Stimulation signals to improve blood circulation through the plantar muscles and acupuncture points, thus relieving tiredness and aches of legs and the body.

The human foot is the most sensitive and complicated part of the human body.


In the human body, there are 12 main vessel systems that relate directly or indirectly with the human feet. Half of all the vessel systems are located at the feet. And below the ankle level, there are more than 60 acupuncture points which are closely linked to five solid organs and six hollow organs of the human body. The plantar has zones to various points with each representing respective parts and organs of the human body. It is widely known as reflexology.


The reflexology zones form a microcosm of the body where a large number of neural points are focused.

cause of sweeling of the legs IMAGE
EMS FEET on unit and under of feet IMAAG

Many physicians and health experts identify and diagnose diseases through the reflexology system. This has established the importance of the foot as being the second heart of the human body. This also strengthens the concept that the health cultivation starts from Feet & Reflexology

Poor circulation can be caused by prolonged periods of standing up, sitting down or merely age related. This causes tiredness, aching legs, muscle fatigue and feeling of being unwell. The Electro Muscle Stimulation technology works on the nerve endings in the soles of the feet and the plantar zone.

The contraction and expansion of the muscles around the calf areas boosts blood circulation imitating the natural pumping action and improving blood supply to the heart and preventing stasis (pooling of the blood).

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