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Pressure Point Massage
Home use

Home Use

Treat as your own PERSONAL MASSUER on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our massage chairs can be used as recliners with the added benefit of providing full body massage to relieve various physical ailments.



Why not create a Relaxation Sanctuary at home for family and friends. (See uses in Health & Leisure environment below)

Zen Stones

Corporate Use (Offices)

The following statistics show that a great deal of financial loss is suffered by employers due to staff Back and Stress related illnesses.

  • A staggering 33 million workdays were lost in 2001 due to Back and Stress related illnesses costing the UK economy £11.8 billion (CBI survey 2002)

  • 68% view stress as a major issue

  • Stress is the main cause of absenteeism

  • Over 16 million (40%) of the population is affected by back pain (back pain is not specific to manual work force but a major problem among office staff too who tend to spend most of their time behind desks)

  • Over half million people are affected by Back pain each and every day


With so few businesses calculating the actual cost of loss to them, HCT is carrying out an active campaign to raise the awareness of the financial loss as well as its impact on our social activities.

As part of Stress Management application, our products are well suited for Staff Healthcare. We can set up special Rest/Relaxation areas or create Relaxation Rooms with added Relaxation Aids (see below).


As a fully Tax Allowable commitment, our products can be leased on rental basis. A lease purchase may also be arranged costing the businesses under £3 per day per chair before tax relief (see our Financial Solution information below).


Health and Leisure Industry (inc. Fitness Clubs, Golf and Country clubs, Specialist Sports Injury Clinics & Beauty Salons).


Specialising in the supply of Massage Therapy Equipment/Systems to the Sports, Health and Fitness Industry.

Building on our reputation for offering cost effective solutions to the Health & Fitness Industry as well as Sports & Golf Clubs, we are able to provide the following:


Creation of Relaxation Sanctuary within the premises. This will include setting up (if required) a designated private room that will offer a complete Relaxation Facility by incorporating:

1) Massage Chairs
2) Specialist Lighting Effects
3) Specialist background Music System
4) Essential Oils Vapour system


The above will be undertaken and designed in consultation with the club management.


Creation of relaxation areas within the premises by incorporating:

1) Massage Chairs
2) And all or some of the items 2-4 above (location of the area permitting).


Creation of relaxation areas within the premises by incorporating:

1) Massage Chairs
2) And all or some of the items 2-4 above (location of the area permitting).


Our products offer perfect solution for sports injury recovery process.


The easing of tense muscles and application of deep body massage will relieve pain and muscle contraction.

Offering complete relaxation before and after the game.

The application of our products can be extended to suit any commercial environment.


We offer a complete after sale service. This includes maintaining specially fitted out sites, training of staff and dealing with any operational problems.

In the case of equipment failure, we will ensure that the fault is corrected as soon as possible.


We offer complete financial package for the supply and installation of the above at economical rates. Our financial packages include leasing, hire purchase or lease purchase. Most of our credit agreements are over three years. A four or five year’s term can also be arranged.


Customer Service

We will, if required, undertake to renew the leased equipment with the updated models after the end of the term.

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