FitSpine Lumbar Bridge

FitSpine Lumbar Bridge

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Adjustable Lower Back Inversion Accessory

Experience even deeper decompression and improved alignment benefits by adding the Better BackTM Lumbar Bridge to your Teeter FitSpine-Series inversion table.

Easily adjust the height and position within the tracks on the bed to place the Lumbar Bridge comfortably at the small of your back, providing a point of support for your hips to help add traction and support for your lower back.

*Only compatible with FitSpine Series Inversion Tables

  • Product Details

    Customize Relief with Table Bed Accessories

    Designed for Teeter’s FitSpine series Inversion Tables, the Better Back Lumbar Support and Acupressure Nodes target problem areas in the lower back, neck, and spine. Experience even deeper decompression and improved alignment benefits with the Lumbar Bridge, while adding customized pressure-point relief with the Acupressure Nodes, helping to release tension, increase circulation, and relieve muscle discomfort. Both accessories easily attach to your FitSpine bed with adjustability so you can pin-point relief during every inversion session.

  • Technical Specifications

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